Saturday, April 24, 2010


It has been exactly six months since we lost our friend, Haiffaa Ali.

It was in the summer of 2007 that Haiffaa, still new to Colorado, joined the fledgling group, A Little Something: The Denver Refugee Women's Crafts Initiative. She became one of our most ardent supporters and she passionately spoke about this and refugee issues to anyone who would listen.

In her time in Denver, Haiffaa met hundreds of people and befriended many along the way. She was on a mission to learn as much as she could about the place and people who had so intimidated her early on.

After Haiffaa died, many people were left with a feeling of loss, but also with a need to talk about Haiffaa and how she had left an impression on so many. These rememberances were originally posted on the A Little Something blog. Now that some time has passed, it seems appropriate to create a dedicated space for these essays and farewells so they don't become buried amid the bits of news and postings about events that fill the blog.

The world lost a true original when Haiffaa Ali's life was abruptly cut short. She had great hopes for the world and the people in it, even after experiencing some of the worst moments created by mankind.

We miss you, Haiffa, we truly do.

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